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The Story of Chandani Beauty

"A name is not asked for, it's given."

Chandani means moonlight, and just as  the moon goes through many beautiful and bewitching phases, so do we. We wanted to create a brand that celebrates every occasion, every feeling, and everyone!  

Chandani Beauty is inspired by the vibrant colors in our grandmother's sarees and our mother's bangles.  As children, we would sit at their side as they adorned themselves with sparkling jewels, makeup, and nail polish chosen to highlight, not hide, their natural beauty. 

There were times when their choices were viewed as too loud or too noticeable, but we are blessed to be descendants of the fierce and unstoppable. Because the edges of our features and the texture of our hair represents our ancestors from multiple corners of the globe, we were always encouraged to ignore popular standards, take risks with color, push it to the edge, and mix and match from head-to-toe. "If you've got it, flaunt it," our grandmother would say.

Most importantly, we were taught to celebrate our individual beauty, show off our strengths, and never shrink back from being seen. 

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